Secure payment

Whatever the payment method you choose, you can use it in complete security, we only offer totally secure solutions managed by the best operators. Your payment information is never transmitted unencrypted over the Internet, it is not communicated to us and you therefore benefit from the guarantees attached to your bank card or your Paypal account.

• Bank cards

You can safely use your Visa, Mastercard or Maestro card on our site. When you pay by credit card, you are asked to indicate your card number as well as its validity date and the cryptogram on the back. Various accesses to authorisation servers are then made to verify the data to protect you and prevent abuse and fraud. To do this, the server is in encrypted mode and all the information transmitted is coded using the SSL protocol. Nothing is transmitted in clear text on the Internet.

• Paypal

Paypal is a secure online payment system. The advantage of this solution is that the bank details of one party are never communicated to the other party during a transaction. This system does not generate any additional costs during your payment.

If you already have a Paypal account, by choosing to pay via Paypal, you will automatically be directed to your account. Once the payment is validated, you can complete your order on the Website. Your Paypal account will be debited immediately after the final validation of the order.

If you open a Paypal account, you only need to fund your account with a credit card via a secure connection, and then send a transfer order by simple e-mail when purchasing online.

• Bank transfer

If you wish, you can register your order on the Luisa-Paixao website and then pay by bank transfer. Choose the option "Bank deposit" and let us guide you.